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ABOUT was born out of a need  to fill a gap between the generosity of local businesses, and the social service agencies they support.

We are driven by three primary goals. 

  • Support Local Businesses to Help Fuel the Local Economy

  • Offer Great Deals and Discounts on Items and Services Donated By Local 541 Businesses

  • Give 100% of Proceeds To The Social Service Agencies Supported By Local Rotary Clubs 


Each Year, there are more than 100 "Dinner/Auction Events" in Lane County Alone.  The need to assist Social Service Agencies who provide food, shelter, and other emergency services, has never been greater., is just one way to help raise much needed funding, while offering up incentives to shoppers, through discounts, and deals.

ShopLocal541 offers a "quid pro quo" for businesses who generously support local efforts through ongoing marketing, customer interaction, and top of mind awareness in the community. And rather than placing the onus on a limited number of event attendees, it reaches the expa
nded audience of the entire community! 

Shop, Eat, Play, While Changing Lives Locally!  Your purchases and donations are never needed more. CLICK HERE for MORE INFO and Ways to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Short Bio on Founder


Contact Patric Miller

cell- 541-912-3975


Patric Miller is an award-winning multimedia producer, marketing and advertising specialist and internet creator, with more than 40 years of experience. Bringing this experience to bear on the need for local service and local solutions, Patric joined Southtowne Rotary in 2017. 

After decades of work with businesses and broadcast companies, he has remained on the cutting edge of new technologies, marketing tools, and social media campaigns.  Recognizing that local businesses continue to struggle to recover after the COVID pandemic and shut-down, and watching local advertising and media outlets be minimized through acquisition or liquidation, he has determined that using his skills to help create marketing solutions, while helping local social service agencies was greatly needed. 

It is his hope, that this site, and the concept of Donating, Buying, and Supporting local projects with targeted opportunities to "Get a Great Deal While Supporting Local Business and Service Agencies," will expand beyond the work done by Eugene Southtowne Rotary.  

As they say in the outdoor advertising business, "Watch This Space." 

FAQs About

How Does fund operations? 
Funding is simple and straight-forward. The $250 annual fee pays for social media marketing, hosting, and content creation. It can be paid in
installments over 4 months, This minimal fee, combined with your donated product or service, guarantees that your business and services are promoted to a wide customer base in the targeted 541 geographic area
 over an extended period of time.   


How Can My Business Get Listed on
 Any Business Donating $250 or more in services, items, or gift certificates, will get a FULL YEAR of a Premium Listing, including up to 250 words, links to your web site, pictures, logo, and a listing in the "Featured Advertisers" Section of the "Shop/Play/Eat&Drink sections of the site. 

How Can My Social Service Agency Get Listed on will give a free listing to social service agencies in the 541 area code, providing service for the following categories:

  • Shelter

  • Education

  • Food and Hunger Relief

  • Emergency Services

  • Mental Health Services

  • Youth Services

With more than 3,500 non-profits in the 541 area code, we apologize in advance to those who do not meet these descriptions .


For other questions, or press contacts, please reach out to Patric at the contact info above.

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