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Shady Grove Direct Care

Dr. KImberly Cronin M.D. 

Get Direct Primary Care with Dr. Kimberly Cronin

Direct Primary Care is a new model of healthcare that gives patients direct access to their doctor. There are no phone trees to get through or appointments to wait for; you contact your doctor when and how you need them.

Unlike most current medical group practices, which handle up to 2,800 patients per physician, our Direct Primary Care practice is capping our current patient list to to just 200, insuring you prompt and personal care, without long wait times or delays. The simple monthly fee covers a range of services provided in the office, including physicals, health maintenance, and acute care for illness and injury. 

Dr. Cronin has been practicing medicine for 30 years and has been in Lane County for nearly 25 years. Her practice follows the Direct Primary Care model to provide the best quality care for her patients at an affordable price.

Shady Grove Direct Care Website


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