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Here We Go Again...

Retirement...such a meaningless word for those of a certain age! I have admittedly been in a state of "semi-retirement" so long, that I probably need to start saying "semi-semi-retired." Having started and run myriad businesses and "bleeding edge" efforts over the years, from marketing, studio production, music production, internet services, and even a "side hustle" as a local music and entertainment newspaper publisher, I know what "start up" really means. All of the excitement associated with a "great idea" is always followed with reality that you are strapping on a back-pack full of boulders, and heading up the hill again, in a Sisyphean effort to "reach the goal" you want. Startups are hard work. And perhaps best left for younger folks. However, NEED is a very potent motivator. And unfortunately, I have never been one to stand on the sidelines when I see something that needs to be done, and I can do it. It's a curse. Especially now that I am in my 7th decade. But, there is a need!

With so many changes in the media, business, technology and information world, local businesses are struggling to maintain traction in a world seemingly dominated by Amazon and other online retail forces. Add to this the repercussions of the COVID shutdown, which changed how people work, play, and eat (door dash services have continued to grow with remote work), and you have a recipe for trouble for businesses and services relying on foot traffic and face-to-face interaction. Through all of this, are a growing number of Social Service agencies struggling to keep up with demands. Fundraising remains "old school," with many of our regular large scale social celebrations atrophying or disappearing altogether. The agencies need help. The retailers and food service folks need help. And yes, even our local recreation and entertainment providers need help. So...out of semi-semi-retirement I go. is the first step toward combining the promotion of local businesses, while raising funds for local service organizations and efforts. SPREAD THE WORD. Help me remove a few rocks from this backpack...

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